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Delve into A.J. Hall's unique collection of Drum n Bass style drum breaks, played on authentic acoustic drums and mastered to analog tape.

  • Dual Styles: This pack offers two distinct folders. "RUN IT" provides 15 sharp, tight drum breaks at 170 bpm and above for immediate Drum N Bass creations. Meanwhile, "WHEEL IT" offers 15 drum breaks between 98-122 bpm, inspired by classic drum break patterns, ideal for speeding up in true Drum N Bass fashion.

  • RAW STEMS Included: Gain full creative control with the raw stems for all 30 breaks.

  • OPTIONAL BONUS: Access an array of original percs, snares, 808s, SFX, and transition sounds, crafted from scratch on an analog synthesizer.

A.J. Hall's contributions have been recognized in works by Russ, IllMIND, Kid Cudi, and more.

Note: Master clearance is guaranteed. Splits are required only for major label, large indie, and sync placements. All other releases are automatically cleared. For larger placements, split percentages are always negotiable. There's no demand for percentages from beat sales - it's all yours!

This pack is part of the "ALL BREAKS BUNDLE", and the bonus sounds can be found in the "EVERYTHING BUT THE BREAKS" Bundle.