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Kick Midi??!!!??

 Dive into A.J. Hall's distinct collection of drum breaks, crafted using only one mic, real acoustic drums, and analog tape mastering for that retro, open-air, and grimy feel.

  • Authentic Sound: Every loop in this pack is perfectly loop-ready for any D.A.W. or sampler, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Unmixed Rawness: Access the raw mic signals of all 25 breaks, giving you the freedom to mix in your unique style or use them as light transition sounds.
  • Kick MIDI Option: For an additional $5, get perfectly matched, velocity-sensitive KICK MIDI for every drum break. Enhance your mix by pairing with a kick, 808, or sub synth sample, tailored to the kick drum pattern of each break.

A.J. Hall's notable breaks and one shots have featured in tracks by artists like Kid Cudi, Russ, and Joey BadA$$ and productions by giants like Cardiak and Harry Fraud.

Note: Master clearance is guaranteed. Splits are required only for major label, large indie, and sync placements. All other releases are automatically cleared. For larger placements, split percentages are always negotiable. There's no demand for percentages from beat sales - it's all yours!

This pack is now part of the "ALL BREAKS BUNDLE."