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LEFT FIELD ONE SHOTS VOL. 3! (Bonus Breaks Too!)

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Get your hands on A.J. Hall's extensive collection of over 300 unique drum sounds, all played on real acoustic drums and cymbals, and mastered with analog tape processing for that distinct, vintage touch.

Authenticity at Its Best: Every sound in this pack is a testament to A.J. Hall's expertise, ensuring these drum sounds are unparalleled and cannot be found elsewhere.

  • Comprehensive Drum Kit: 215 varied kicks, snares, hats, toms, and cymbals, recorded at different velocities and organized into individual kit folders for effortless drum pattern creation.
  • Diverse Drum Sounds: Another set of 125 assorted kicks, snares, rims, hats, and cymbals, tailored with a wide range of textures and dynamics, perfect for all facets of hip-hop production.
  • Optional Bonus Breaks: Enhance your arsenal with 25 exclusive, loop-ready drum breaks, only recorded for this pack, ranging from 73-88 BPM.
  • Raw Stems Included: For those seeking depth, get raw stems from all 10 drum mics for each break, offering a richer sonic experience.

This pack has been added to the "ALL BREAKS BUNDLE" and bonus sounds can be found in "EVERYTHING BUT THE BREAKS" Bundle

Clearance for Breaks/Loops only needed for sync, major label or LARGE indie label placements. If you have any questions, hit the chat button! It's really me responding.