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A.J. Hall's Chef's Selection: Dive into a vast array of acoustic drum loops, crafted without confines and bursting with originality.
  • Freeform Creativity: This pack doesn't adhere to themes or rules, just straight-up hard-hitting, perfectly loop-ready drum breaks.
  • Comprehensive Breaks: Get 50 drum breaks, each spanning 16 bars, seamlessly integrable into any D.A.W. or sampler with labeled BPMs.
  • Dynamic Drum Rolls: Access 50 separate drum rolls, extracted from each break for easy drag & drop usage.
  • Raw Depth: Delve into the raw stems of each break, capturing sounds from all 10 kit microphones.
  • Bonus Melodies: Opt for an additional folder packed with 3 fully stemmed out melodic compositions.
  • High-Resolution Sound: All files are presented in crisp 16-bit WAV format for optimal quality.

Note: Master clearance is guaranteed. Splits are required only for major label, large indie, and sync placements. All other releases are automatically cleared. For larger placements, split percentages are always negotiable. There's no demand for percentages from beat sales - it's all yours!

This pack is part of the "ALL BREAKS BUNDLE", and the bonus sounds can be found in the "EVERYTHING BUT THE BREAKS" Bundle.