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Introducing "Freak Files," A.J. Hall's boldest collection of drum breaks yet.

  • Signature Collection: 25 innovative drum breaks, played, produced, and mastered to analog tape exclusively by A.J. Hall.

  • Daring Dynamics: Dive into a new side of A.J.'s production with grooves and textures designed to push boundaries.

  • Impactful Patterns: Experience mind-warping mixes and potent drum patterns, perfect for adding that wild, unexpected edge to your tracks.

  • Seamless Sound: Each drum break is flawlessly loopable, ensuring zero interruptions with clicks or pops.

  • Versatile Vibes: Whether you're into Boom Bap, Trap, or House, this pack has got you covered.

Note: Master clearance is guaranteed. Splits are required only for major label, large indie, and sync placements. All other releases are automatically cleared. For larger placements, split percentages are always negotiable. There's no demand for percentages from beat sales - it's all yours!

This pack is part of the "ALL BREAKS BUNDLE", and the bonus sounds can be found in the "EVERYTHING BUT THE BREAKS" Bundle.