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Immerse yourself in the golden era of yacht rock with drum breaks inspired by the late 70s and early 80s.
  • Authentic Vintage Sound: 28 loop-ready drum breaks, played on a 1978 Ludwig Vistalite Acrylic shell drum set and mastered to analog tape.

  • RAW STEMS Included: Access every single drum mic on the kit for ultimate mixing flexibility.

  • "VHS" Mixes: Experience alternate versions of each break with a distinct, grittier Lo-Fi touch.

  • Bonus Melodic Samples: Two exclusive tracks, fully stemmed-out, crafted and played by A.J. Hall.

  • Broad Compatibility: All files delivered in 16-bit WAV format, ensuring compatibility with any D.A.W. or sampler, whether it's vintage or modern.

Note: Master clearance is guaranteed. Splits are required only for major label, large indie, and sync placements. All other releases are automatically cleared. For larger placements, split percentages are always negotiable. There's no demand for percentages from beat sales - it's all yours!.

This pack is now part of the "ALL BREAKS BUNDLE."