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Delve into the heart of late 60's-70's psychedelic rock with uniquely crafted drum breaks. 

Experience the retro touch of decade-accurate drum breaks, or create your very own psychedelic rock anthem from scratch. Every sound is authentically played by A.J. Hall on real drums and mastered to analog tape, guaranteeing uniqueness not found elsewhere.

  • 31 Drum Breaks: Ready-to-loop and compatible across D.A.W. or samplers, each featuring a marked BPM with 16 bars of rhythmic flow. (Tempos range from 65-92 BPM.)
  • RAW STEMS: Dive deeper with access to all 10 microphone recordings on the drum set for every break.
  • Exclusive Bonus Folder: Discover kicks, snares, hats, toms, and special drum fills, exclusive to this pack.

Note: Breaks have been added to the All Breaks Bundle and the bonus folder to the Everything But The Breaks Bundle.

Underground releases are automatically cleared. For major label and large indie placements, splits for publishing may apply. Contact details are provided in the pack for negotiations.