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Percussion Loops?!!!???
*This pack has been added to the "ALL BREAKS BUNDLE" and bonus sounds can be found in "EVERYTHING BUT THE BREAKS" Bundle
Drummer and Producer A.J. Hall returns with a brand new batch of Drum breaks with matching Percussion loops perfect for the dance floor! 
25 Acoustic Drum Breaks played and produced by A.J. Hall along with 25 matching acoustic percussion loops for your next classic funk or Modern Dance Production.
2 different drum sets, 4 snare drums, various hi hat pairs and lots of real acoustic percussion used, for this pack! No digital sounds!!! Real Claps too!
RAW STEMS from all 10 drum mics for each respective break are included. Percussion loops and Breaks for this pack are available separate or as one pack for maximum funk!
All sounds played and Produced by A.J. Hall on real acoustic instruments.
Mastered to analog tape by A.J. Hall