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How many songs?

Do you need the A.J. Hall drum break sound with the flexibility of parts and sections on your full length songs? You can now have my signature drum break loop sound with the energy of a live drummer for your full album with my full song drum tracking!

Here's how it works - 

- Place your order for 1,2,3,4 or 5 songs at a time for an added discount

- in the email address provided, Send me your demo file(s) cut to a click, preferably without drums. (with drums in a pinch is ok too!)

- Provide any characteristics you'd like from me! For example "I need James Brown funky drummer sound and playing with an emphasis on the pushes before the 2nd chorus and maybe some ride cymbal on the bridge" (preferences on mixing can be specified in this email as well)


I'll select the best drums and mics from my stash to get the best sound described and you'll receive 2 takes per song including:

- a fully mixed 2 track with my signature drum break sound or whatever mix is requested. You'll be able to drag & drop these right into your song for a finished product

- RAW 32 bit float stems from all All 10 microphones on the kit to be added to protools in your home studio or major studio later for finishing

Send the drum tracks to get mixed or use the fully polished 2 track mix as the final product!

All the above is included and sent to you on day of completion!